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Spring Burnout #1

Doing the burnout was pretty fun, but I will give some details that you may not know about. I was going to try going till the tire
blew, but after awhile of burning the tire off it really started to grip and decided I didn't really feel like loading the bike on the
trailer if I didn't have to. I got the bike into 3rd gear while I was doing it and the speedometer said 174 km/hr for quite awhile. I
had originally started without moving the bike, but got kind of bored so I let off the front brake a bit moved forward then did a big
circle. Once I was done that I still had lots of tread on the side of the tire so I got off the bike, leaned it over and burned it off too.

There was also a lot of sparks coming off the tire which we don't know why. I did still have a few studs in, but I most were gone
and I can't see them staying in that long and causing that many sparks when it was really going. Could have possibly been studs
though or just the pavement rocks chipping off other rocks or something.

We did have safety in mind as well. Though I may not be wearing a helmet we did have a fire extinquisher there in case the tire started
on fire. This was all done around midnight at Rodeo's Bar & Dance Hall parking lot. All in all, it was a lot of fun to do and am happy I
got some videos. I was looking forward to this all winter though. Hope you enjoy

The Red Tiger

Video 1: The Big Burnout (Quicktime)
Video 2: Burning the Side Of The Tire Off (Windows Media Player)



Burnin' The Tire
Burnin' it some more
The Aftermath

Took a lot to clean all that off my bike
Not much tread left on there
The calm after the storm...

The tire dug into the pavement about 1/2 an inch!!
The remnants of my tire the used to be on the bike.