Red Tiger Racing

One Wheeled Sportbike Trailer

This is my one wheeled motorcycle trailer that I designed and built for a sportbike. The two things I designed it around was that it had to fit almost any bike without having to modify the bike (or at least very little) and secondly and most important was that it couldn't slow me down or hamper the performance of the bike in any way. I had a few things to get around so all I could do was build and test my ideas and amazingly they all maily worked quite well. Didn't go perfectly with all the designs, but I have used the trailer a lot and made a few changes and feel that it is a great product that I hope people will eventually start using.

Figure 1: Me going +40mph on a curve rated at 20mph and the trailer still wasn't touching!! (Chief Joseph Scenice Highway, Montana, USA)
Figure 2: Trailer Connected To The Motorcycle And Pinhead Giving The "Thumbs Up" Promo (Beartooth Pass, Montana USA)