July 2010 McLean
Creek Trail Ride

Taya and I finally caved in and decided to take Curtis's recommendation of riding the McLean Creek Trails in Alberta. Since Canada Day was on thursday it made it perfect for a four day long weekend to get some riding in. We raced our Wednesday night races then loaded the bus up the next morning. (Taya did about 95% of it while I slept in) We headed out to Warman to pick up Curtis and get bikes loaded up into his trailer. I had to use his as mine was still down due to the "Diesel Dirtbike Experiment" a few weeks earlier. Made it to Calgary where we bought $191 worth of groceries for some reason and headed out to our camping spot, had something to eat and headed to bed.

Got up on friday morning and started hitting the trails. Curtis decided to break us in hard and took us on some challenging trails right from the start and we made it okay. Only rode for a few hours the first day and called it quits. Ate our monster steaks that Taya cooked up for us, hung out by the fire and called it a night.

Saturday morning we met up with some friends of Curtis's (Jay and Perry) and rode from 10am - 5pm. Took some great trails with awesome scenery and also took some very challenging trails that had Taya and I working to the max. We hit some steep uphills and some muddy, root filled ruts which took a lot of work to make it through. We moved to a different campsite that night to visit Curtis's cousin and ended up parking in their rented loop for the night.

By the third day of riding we were getting pretty sore and stiff, but managed to get back out there and met Curtis's friend Al and hit the single track again. Didn't take long to realize that we were to sore for the challenges of the single track and decided to stick to the quad trails and took it easy. Rode till noon then headed back home.

All in all, it was a great trip that we will probably end up doing again. Nice to get some camping in and roughing it, hit some challenging and fun trails and got to see a lot of beautiful countryside. I included some pictures for you to look at and would recommend trying and seeing it yourself sometime.

Devin Beaudoin

Nice Scenery Photo
Another Nice Scenery Photo
Curtis doing the "Widow Maker"

Taya getting caught up and a tree
falling on her bike!

Curtis trying to make his
smokey bonfire

Our massive steaks and Taya's
pork chop

Curtis and I eating our steak