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Red Tiger Racing
"2012 Colorado Burn"


Well, we have another trip under our belts to remember and talk about for years again. Trip was good, but not fantastic and had a few issues along the whole trip. We had our routes planned an pretty much ready to go with Nolan and I driving down to Salt Lake City to meet two other guys, but they had cancelled on coming the week before and last minute and found out as we were driving down so it ended up just being Nolski and I. We left Friday, June 22nd and after a misguided route by Nolan we took the long way of 2000km we got to Salt Lake City on Saturday night and hit up Pinky's Gentleman's Club where we got a tour of the place.

We got on the road late Sunday morning, hit the interstate and rode to Grand Junction, Colorado. While on the way we noticed Nolan's bike having some power issues and found that it wasn't charging and figured it to be the regulator/rectifier. We ended up hanging out in Grand Junction for the next day and a half waiting for new parts. It was really hot down there and was just over 40°C. Went to a semi-pro ball game and I got a bad sunburn laying by the pool for just over an hour. We also met some fellow Saskatchewan people down there at "Fantasy Gentlemen's Club" as they were down there flying tanker planes to help put out fires.

Tuesday afternoon we got Nolan's bike back on the road and working fine so we rode to Durango, Colorado down the "Million Dollar Highway" which was the main reason we went down there. The road was great pavement and had a great small section of some nice twists and turns, but not the best road we had ever been on as far as that goes. Stayed the night there and figured out what where we were going to go next. With losing the day and a half with problems the original route was going to be to tough of a schedule to cover the ground we wanted to cover.

Wednesday morning we decided to head back to Grand Junction and make our way back home. Spent the night there again and Thursday proceeded to head back to Salt Lake City again where we went to Pinky's again and also had to check out a place called "American Bush" because it was such a great name for a strip club. We took our two day trek back to Regina and Saskatoon with the car and were home on Saturday evening.

All in all the trip was good, but with the 40°C temperatures, two guys, break down and bad sunburn we are happy we decided to get back when we did and figured that with only the two of us we didn't need to travel as far as we did to hit some good roads.

Highlights, Recommendations and Trip Quotes
- Pinky's Gentleman's Club (Salt Lake City, Utah)
- Shotgun Willy's (Laurel, Montana)
- Fantasy Gentlemen's Club (Grand Junction, Colorado)
- "Grand Junction Rockies" minor league baseball game (Grand Junction, Colorado)

- "I'll give you the grand tour. Here's the washroom, there's the stage, now have a good night" Jared from Pinky's (Salt Lake City, Utah)
- "I should be okay without sunscreen" Me on my way to the pool
- " Old reliable never breaks down" Nolan before his bike broke down

"Welcome To Colorado Sign"
(I-70, Salt Lake City to Grand Junction)

"Welcome to Utah Sign"
(I-70, Salt Lake City to Grand Junction)
"Nolan doing his repairs"
(Grand Junction, Colorado)

"My Sunburn!!"
(Durango, Colorado)

"Utah Scenery 1"
(Scenic Lookout, I-70)
"Utah Scenery 2"
(Scenic Lookout, I-70)

"Utah Scenery 3"
(I-15, Utah)

"My Fanny Pack & High Socks"
(Laurel, Montana)
"Utah Scenery 4"
(I-15, Utah)

"Grand Junction Rockies Tickets"
(Grand Junction, Colorado)