2009 Washington

With the same three guys this year again for the 5th year and a row Pinhead, Nolski and I decided to continue our 2006 US West Coast trip and hit up what we missed due to time constrictions and tour the highly recommended Washington. We headed out for our trip from June 20th to June 29th. This trip had potential to be great, but ran into a few snags with some previous flooding and washing out some roads that we really wanted to take. This is why it got called the "2009 Washington Washout."

Trip started out unsmooth as usual because I lost the seat off my bike while I was trailering it to Regina so we had to do some phoning around to the states to find one and order the seat and be able to pick it up. This trip was also the introduction of using my school bus to travel so with a recliner and loveseat we were travelling in comfort. We got going and about 10 minutes into our trip saw some hitchhikers and at Nolski's comment of "Pick em up!!" we had two hitchhikers loaded into the bus just outside Regina. From there we continued on until we saw the hitchhikers two friends in Moose Jaw and picked them up too. This all seemed like a good idea until the second two got moving around and we realized it had been a few days since they had showered and made the travelling a little less desireable. We gladly got rid of them in Medicine Hat..

We made it to Creston, BC that night where Pinhead had a migrane so we left him in the bus to puke while Nolski and I went and checked out the exotic dancer and got Pinhead a poster. The next day we made it down to Couer d' Alene and picked up my seat we had rush ordered in a few days earlier. We moved on a bit and decided to leave the bus outside a biker bar at State Line, WA called "Cruisers" that you can ride your bike through to check it out.

We had rode around Washington which has beautiful scenery and seems to have everything including canyons, deserts, rivers and waterfalls all in such short distances from each other. One highly recommended road that had great long sweepers was Highway 20 from Republic, WA to Chewelah, WA. We also took a tour of the Grand Coulee Dam which is amazing and way bigger than the more famous Hoover Dam.

We ended up coming back a bit early due to some miscommunication with our return date, but got back to State Line and checked out a few more places and ended up having a great time at Big Al's Country Club where Pinhead and I tested our skills and rode a mechanical bull and all three of us tested our punching power and hit the punching machine where Nolski couldn't get the lights to come on, Pinhead took his running punch and got it to "Sissy Man" and I made the needle jump to the top in the "Superman" range. From there we headed down the street to check out "Stateline Showgirls" and watched the strippers for awhile. In all the exitement the Showgirls provided Pinhead managed to lose one glove and his innocence.

All in all, this trip was okay as we got to get out and go riding, but relatively compared to our other trips was kinda dissapointing. Washington does have a lot to offer as it is very beautiful and you can see a bit of everything, but we didn't find a lot of roads where we could really lean the bike down and take some nice curves which is a good mix once in awhile. We did however go a bad year and may have been able to see a few more things if some of the roads weren't washed out and have to do so much back tracking.

Highlights, Recommendations and Trip Quotes
- Grand Coulee Dam (http://www.grandcouleedam.com)(Coulee Dam, WA)
- Mount St. Helens (Washington)
- Cruisers (http://www.cruisersstateline.com)(Post Falls, ID)
- Big Al's Country Club (www.bigalscountryclub.com)(Post Falls, ID)
- State Line Showgirls (http://www.myspace.com/statelineshowgirls)(Post Falls, ID)
- "My boyfriend doesn't understand me. I just like to party" (Drunk girl with two kids at home)(Ephrata, WA)