2008 Rushmore Run

With the same three people as every other year (Pinhead, Nolski and I) we decided to get some new with a bit of old in our 2008 trip and decided to go through Montana again as we wanted to hit the Chief Joseph Scenic Higway (highly recommended to any sportbike rider) and hit the Beartooth Pass as we missed it a few years back to to a landslide. The Beartooth was kinda cool to see, but from what we had heard it would be more for tourists. In a lot of places the road was very narrow and rough with the road cut out of the snow. You couldn't see anything as the snow was too tall and you were mainly just weaving through what felt like a tunnel.

We also decided to head over to South Dakota and see Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and then stay there for a few days and check out the roads. Mount Rushmore was good to see, but Crazy Horse was a dissapointment. There is a lot of work left on it, and as far as we could tell, I don't think it will ever get done.

We also toured around the black hills and sturgis area, but didn't find anything great about it either. If you are interested in getting a t-shirt with "Wild Bill Hickok" or "Sturgis" then this would be a great area.

Overall it was a good trip as we did hit some fun roads and got to see a few of the United States attractions. We also hit a few peeler bars along the way so that helped out as naked women usually do. We ended up only doing a five day trip as we found the Mount Rushmore area to be too touristy for us and we aren't big fans of going through windy roads just past idle speed due to being stuck in traffic. The worst part of the trip was back through South Dakota and North Dakota to Saskatchewan because it's probably the most boring road I have ever been on. Lots of straight eneventful higway that seems like it takes forever to get through.

Bridge On Chief Joseph Highway
Chief Joseph Highway Lookout
Beartooth Pass (10ft. Snow In Places)
Mount Rushmore
Pinhead By Mount Rushmore
Crazy Horse