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Red Tiger Racing
2006 West Coast Trip
(Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, West Coast)

Nolan, Pinhead and I left for this trip on June 11th, and returned on June 26th. This was an excellent trip that was 7000km over two weeks. We took in several sites which made the trip great. Pinhead and I did cheat by trailering the bikes to Lethbridge and leaving from there. (We still put 7000km on the bikes and an extra 1400km or so on the car) Main sites and things we saw included the following:

- Zion National Park (Utah)
- The Las Vegas Strip (Nevada)
- Hoover Dam (Nevada/Arizona Border)
- Helicopter / Boat tour of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)
- West Coast Scenery (California & Oregon)
- Hollywood Sites (Los Angeles, California)
- Hearst Castle (Sam Simeon, California)
- Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California)
- Tour of Alcatrez (San Francisco, California)
- West Coast Seals & Sea Lion Caves (California)
- Redwood National Forest (California)
- Columbia Gorge (Oregon)
- Mount St. Helens (Washington)

We saw some amazing things that if you ever get a chance to go to we recommend seeing Zion National Park as its red rock sometimes looks fake like a movie set. Bad thing about Utah is it is a very religious state so it is hard to stop and have a beer in the evening as you need to buy a membership to drink in the pubs in the smaller town (if they have one) and things shut down early.

Stopped Vegas for a day and it was good. Kinda nice touring the strip on your motorcycle. After we left Vegas we went to check out the Hoover am and moved on to see the Grand Canyon. We decided to spend a little money and took a helicoptor/boat tour which was worth it. Pretty impressive taking a helicoptor into the canyon then loading on to a boat and going down the river checking things out.

Another cool thing to see which were some of the highlights of the trip in California were the Hearst Mansion and Alcatrez. Take the tours and I don't think you will be disappointed. Some pretty cool stuff in both of them. You will also see west coast seals and sea lions, which for us was cool as we don't see stuff like that here in Canada. We went and saw the Hollywood Sign, which wasn't very impressive at all. Movies really build it up apparently.

We kept heading north into Oregon and Washington where the scenery is second to none, and also found that they have everything. You can be riding in the Redwoods and half hour later be in desert looking territory. Lots of good roads and riding around Mount St. Helens too.

Overall the trip was great and will be really hard to beat. We hit some great winding roads that we got to melt the tires on. We ended up staying in motels most of the time and only tented three nights as we found it was nice at the end of the day to just lay in a soft bed and have a nice warm (or cool sometimes) shower without having to walk across the campsite to do it.

Few mishaps including Nolan's bad luck (or as we call him "Crash") with slipping off the road into a turnout once, dropping his bike off the kickstand at the American / Canadian border and wiping my bike wearing the frame slider down about 3/4." Also, Devin got his backpack stolen in Las Vegas which included several items including his laptop. I guess that is what insurance is for. The one wheeled trailer I designed and made worked great through all the curves, highway and gravel we took it on.

Hope you enjoyed the read and here are some pictures,
Devin Beaudoin (C.E.O. Red Tiger Racing)

Zion Nat'l Park
New York, New York Rolercoaster
(Las Vegas, Nevada)
Crappy Road To Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon From A Helicoptor
Bubba-Gump Shrimp Co.
(Santa Monica, California)

The Famous Hollywood Sign
(Los Angeles, California)
Hearst Mansion Pool
(Sam Simeon, California)
Pinhead By The Golden Gate Bridge
(San Francisco, California)

Devin By A Cell In Alcatrez
(San Francisco, California)
Bikes On The Beach
(Coast Of California)
West Coast Seals
(Coast Of California)

Picture From A Sea Lion Cave
(Coast Of California)
Nolski's Bike in a Redwood Tree Drive Through
(Klamath, California)
Nice Waterfall
(Columbia Gorge, Oregon)

Picture of Mount St. Helens