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2005 Yellowstone / Glacier National Park Trip

Three of us decided to go on this trip in late June 2005 leaving from Regina, Saskatchewan and going down to Yellowstone National Park and going around in there for a few days taking in the scenery. We found that the Yellowstone was nice, but found it pretty slow following all the cars and getting stuck in the traffic when someone saw a bear and would stop, fling the doors open, run and be gone in the bush till they got the "Perfect" picture. From Yellowstone we headed north towards Glacier National Park and found that was an awesome ride with even better scenery. The high point of the entire trip was going on "Chief Joseph Scenic Highway" AKA. (Dead Indian Pass) as it was a nice smooth highway with lots of twists and turns of various speed ratings of 20 mph and up. We actually ended up going down this road twice because the first time it was raining and we still were craving to go down a road like that with weather, roads and tires in perfect condition. The law of optional helmet in Montana was different too. Most of the time when we were in cities the helmets came off and we rode around with ball caps as head protection. At that time we also noticed the unusual small size of Aaron's head and started calling him "Pinhead" which seems to have stuck with him now. (Sorry buddy) If we were to do this trip again the one thing we would probably change is the amount of time we were in Yellowstone Park. We found it to be a long, slow and fairly boring drive for what it was. The rest of the trip was a lot of fun with good people other than the fact that we hit rain from what it seemed like every day and hail a couple times.

Yellowstone National Park Entrance
Road The The Sun (Glacier National Park)
(Lft to Right- Devin, Nolski, Pinhead)
Devin Doing A Stoppy (Cody, Wyoming)

We All Get Along So Well
(Especially Devin & Nolski)
Weeping Walls (Glacier National Park)
Pinhead Finally Getting Fireworks!!

Devin by the "Mammoth Hot Springs" (Yellowstone Nat'l Park)