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Red Tiger Racing
2005 CBR1000RR Wipeout

This little incident occurred on Nov. 9, 2007 in Saskatoon on 108th St. heading from the university into Sutherland. The temperature
was getting cold and I had bald tires as I didn't want to put new tires on as the bike was already totaled off and I was working with
SGI to get a fair price for my bike. I wasn't going all that fast (60 or 70km/hr) and my front tire pushed out on me sending my bike
into an oncoming car which did most of the damage to the bike. I ended up falling onto the pavement and skidding head first on my
chest so I had a nice view of the bike being hit and bouncing off the side of the road. I got up and asked the driver of the car if she
was OK and then picked up a few of the parts that were on the road. I knew my ankle was a little tweaked, but not bad, but it got very
very sore by the time the cops came so that I couldn't put weight on it anymore. The driver of the car that the bike slid into was nice
to me and everything even though I was entirely at fault. I wasn't real shook up and once I got all the paperwork and jazz out of the
way with the cops I got a ride home with a friend and grabbed my other bike and rode to the hospital. All in all, a very interesting
experience and probably used up another one of my nine lives.

Till next time,